The Welsh Mountain Zoo

Time to step up and do our part to save a national heritage. 

The Welsh Mountain Zoo has been around for since 1963. It has grown and has brought joy and hope to families from all over the world. The zoo is home to more than 500 animals from little rabbits to grizzly bears. The Zoo sees thousands of people ever year and in 2008 became the National Zoo for Wales 

Following government guidelines the Zoo has not been able to get customers through the door which means they have had to rely on government help to look after the animals. This has helped but is limited. This means the Zoo has to look for support from elsewhere.

What we are offering. 

Rather than just giving your money and helping the animals we feel you should be rewarded for your generosity. So we have put together a 30 day keep active program. The programme is simple and effective and is suitable for those wanting to lead a more active life style. You will receive the programme right to your phone and will be able to start training away. You will have the added bonus of receiving prompts and reminders as well as some useful tips and tricks to lead a healthier lifestyle. Once you sign up and buy the program you will be added to a group chat called the Save the Zoo were you will be able to share your own advice, stories and ask questions. If you want to know more click here

However if you don't want the 30 day program but you are happy to donate something then click here and you can donate directly to the zoo. 

Working Out