Adventure Sports


Adventure sports are great ways to get fit and improve your metal health. Each activity can push your physical limits resulting in a stronger and healthier you. By stepping out of your comfort zones you are able to show yourself and the rest of the world what you are capable of. It is important to challenge yourself from time to time because it will keep you focussed, determined and adaptable. 


Kayaking and Canoeing
Paddle boarding

A great way to work on those abs and burn fat in a new and unique way. Paddle sports can be so much fun that you wont even realise you've had a work out until its too late.


Indoor and Outdoor

Mirco muscle training, explosive power, raw strength.... Climbing has it all. Climbing works for everyone of all levels of fitness because the better you get the harder the climbs become.


Walking and Scrambling

There is no better way to build your stamina and endurance like exploring the mountains. You can go for long walk along the tops by taking the scenic route or charge up the side of the mountain scrambling until you can not go any further. 

Mountain biking

Parks or Mountains

Explore vast areas of the outdoors with ease on a mountain bike. Don't think for one minute its going to be a free ride though. Going up and down hills require stamina, focus and determination.

Physical Peak