Health and Fitness

A new life starts now.

Adventure Training

Fitness to the next level

If you're looking for the next big challenge and need to take your fitness to the next level then this is for you. Learn the training methods that will you give you the edge you need.

Group Fitness

Healthier You

No prior experience required. Just turn up and get stuck in. Be warned you will make friends and even though difficult at times, you will have fun.

Private Coaching

Your training done right

There’s no better way to develop strength, flexibility, and balance than through personalised training programs. You will receive top level coaching in what to do and what not to do and understand what it takes to be your best physically and mentally.

Posture Correction

Walk Tall and feel better

Many years of sitting at the desk, walking with your head down, lifting weights wrong or even wearing the wrong shoes can all have an effect on your posture. Find out how to fix it.

Physical Peak